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ZOUK ZENSATION : The most inspiring holiday


zouk holiday 1
Diving in warm sea water by day dancing by night. 
The only event that allows you to dance the way who you are instead of what world think you should be. 


All classes are open level and accessible for beginners

Guest Masters every evening 18:00 - 19:00

Jean Claude from Urban Zouk Melbourne

Ben Benedictos from Canberra Australia

Angy Conc from Bangkok

and more to be confirmed

Kwok One Mastery classes very evening from 19:00 - 22:00 open level beginners welcome.

for info on the classes see


- 13 weeks Good 2 Great Mastery course compressed into one week
- How to Wow
- Peak Performance
- Power of momentum, how to be powerful when your in disadvantage
- Inner travel within, everything you really want is outside your comfort zone
- Train the trainer improve yourself without teacher
- Create-ology how to make something out of nothing & create your own
- Rockstar awaken your inner mozart, musicality without end
- Aspire to inspire

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******************** DAYTIME ACTIVITIES *******************

zouk holiday 2

-Private boat, zouking on deck diving in warm sea water

- Snorkling

- Jungle track to secret beach to dance
- Free diving ( 12 mtr for the fanatics )
- Scuba - fun dive

- Cliff jumping
- Wake boarding or tubing

if you have any other suggestions feel free to email me

******************** TRANSPORTATION ********************

From the most nearby island with airport Koh Samui to Koh Tao pick a ferry

Cheapest ways to travel to Paradise Koh Tao

Many roads that lead to Koh Tao pick yours
- Bus, Train, Plane or automobile

The most comfortable way is by plane to the nearest by Island Koh Samui airport and take a high speed catamaran directly to Koh Samui.

zouk holiday 3

******************* PARTY & Dance like nobody is watching *******************

Party's will be held on different beaches around the island details t.b.a.

zouk holiday 4

************ ACCOMMODATION ************

The event will be held at the REGAL RESORT Koh Tao

Address: 7/1 Moo 2 Koh Tao, Mae Haad, Ko Tao, 84280, Thailand

Resort is already fully booked so you need to find nearby accommodation has great offers.


Tel : (66) 77 456007 Fax : (66) 77 456008
Email :

zouk holiday 5

In case you have any questions feel free to call + 31-654 62 55 22 or email 

Coming to Japan Zouk Zensation 27/28 june 2015


*English is in below


その名はKwok Wan(クォーク・ワン)。
2012年開催されたワークショップ ”Good2Great” 以来の来日です。
今年は新たな「Zouk(ズーク)」コンセプト“ZoukZensation” を掲げて、あなたの「ダンスの夢」を叶えるプログラムを実施します。


Kwok Wonのレッスンから学べること
◇ ダンスパートナーとの優れたコネクションの作り方
◇ 完璧に音楽を感じとり、活用する方法
◇ 貴方とパートナー、そして音楽との完璧な調和
◇ プロが人に伝えない秘訣とコツの発見
◇ あなたの望むダンスを実現する方法
◇ ダンスフロアで最も一緒に踊りたいと思われる人になるテクニック


<Kwok Wanによる2日間のスペシャルワークショップ>

Good2Great 導入クラス( 全レベル)
時間: 3 時間

ZoukZensation 東京2015
第1回東京 ZoukZensation ダンスセミナー
時間: 3.5時間

ドキュメンタリー“ダンス・オブ・ラブ” 上映

Kwok Wanによる「インナースペース」
導かれるダンスの感動 「スピリチュアルな旅」
時間: 2.5時間

武蔵野市吉祥寺南2-8-6 ガイビル4F


*6月最終週末はQue Sorte!!, Amor Zouk の時間枠をこちらに振り替えとさせていただきます。

Kwok Wan(クォーク・ワン) 略歴







◆Kwok & Jonathan 歓迎会✨

English version :

Discover the SEVEN SECRETS on how to become the most amazing dancer you can be.

After a sold out “Good2Great" Tokyo event in 2012 Master genius Kwok Wan is back in town!
With a new and improved concept “ZoukZensation”
A proven system that allows you to make all your dance dreams come true

Your fellow dance friends at Kwok’s 2012 Tokyo event have already improved their personal life and dance with the principles and techniques that they've learned during the last event so don’t miss out.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect.
- Intensify the connection with your dance partner
- How to feel and use the music perfectly
-How to perfect the connection between yourself, your partner and the music.
- Discover the tips and tricks the professionals don’t tell you and keep for themselves
- How to realise your dreams
- Techniques that will make you the most wanted partner on the dance floor

We were able to get a unique 2 days workshop with Kwok Wan, more detailed info will follow soon, “like” this FB page and stay updated for free tips and tricks from the Master himself.

6.27 sat
Good2Great introductory class ( ALL LEVELS )
Time: 3 hours

6.28 sun
ZoukZensation Tokyo 2015
13:00-16:30 1st Tokyo ZoukZensation Dance Seminar
Time: 3,5 hours

16:30-18:00 Feature film documentary “Dance of Love”

18:00-20:30 “Innerspace” Guided Dance Sensation “Spiritual Journey Within” hosted by Kwok One
Time: 2,5 hours

Sunday 6.28 Studio: Minowa "Negishi Shakai Kyouiku Kan"

Kwok Wan Biography
As a Founder of the KWOK ONE DANCE COMPANY he started his career 32 years ago as a Martial Artist, despite being born with a bone disorder called Osteo Genesis Imperfecta also known as the brittle bone disease.
Due to this Kwok remained relatively short throughout his whole life, this caused him to encounter many hardships and difficulties.

Which forced him to think different from a young age about how to achieve goals that seemed easy to most other people.

17 years of martial arts training has made him 3x champion of his state and ranked him with a silver medal for the open national championships.
Kwok Wan started dancing Zouk 14 years ago which inspired him to study all the theatre dance forms such as classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance at the prestigious school of fine arts in Amsterdam.

From all these years of studying and training dance and martial arts on a professional level he developed a method of dance and didactics which is unique and different, a methodolgy that enables people to tap into their true potential, find their inner light and ways to overcome obstacles.

Making the impossible possible.

More about Kwok

◆Kwok & Jonathan Welcome Zouk Party✨

With kindest regards,

Kwok One

Artistic Director
Kwok One Dance Company


Public Profile: Skype: onekwok:

Tel: +31-654 62 55 22

Kwok One Dance Company
Happiness Through Excellence

Dansers gezocht voor Film & Music Video clip

Kwok One Dance Company in samenwerking met Wilco de Groot Productions zoekt (amateur) dansers van verschillende leeftijden en niveaus voor het maken van officiele music video clips voor verschillende artiesten.  Met als thema “STOP MET PESTEN”

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 05.51.31

Lijkt het je leuk om mee te doen aan deze video film serie en houd je van dansen schrijf je dan nu in.

KOdancecompany @ of

Vermeld dan je Naam, Leeftijd, Dans stijl en aantal jaren ervaring

Beginners zijn ook welkom hiervoor hebben wij een aparte training en begeleiding.

Wees er snel bij beperkte plaatsen beschikbaar VOL = VOL


Anders dan bij eerdere producties van Wilco de Groot productions zullen naast professionele dansers en acteurs ook amateur dansers een grote rol spelen in de video clips.

Deze grootschalige productie van Wilco de Groot zal ingezonden worden aan verschillende muziekanten, en staat onder de artistieke leiding van Wilco de Groot (Director), Itai Cohen (regisseur) en Kwok One (productie)

Choreografen Yolanda van Welij, Charlotte v/d Reek & Sabine Duijf



Amateur dansers met liefde voor dans en beweging, lef en een flexibele houding.

Alle theater dans dansstijlen zijn welkom Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop


Music video clips & Video films

Er worden verschillende videoclips opgenomen voor verschillende artiesten en projecten, iedereen wordt geselecteerd op zijn of haar geschiktheid dit wordt per project bekeken.


Trainingen en Repetities

We trainen en repeteren op de zaterdag middag en zondag middag afhankelijk van het project. In de studio van op de Ampereweg 24 te Delft



*Deelnemersbijdrage voor dit project is € 37 euro. hiermee maak jij het mogelijk om behalve door te breken als dans ster ook een vuist te maken tegen pesten.  Met deze bijdrage maken we het samen mogelijk om behalve een vette video clip te creëren ook een halt tot pesten te roepen.

Voor ouders met een minimum inkomen geldt een ander tarief gaarne bij inschrijving apart vermelden.

Je wordt 2 maanden lang wekelijks getraind door Professionele dansers met veel ervaring uit de televisie en theater wereld, en er worden professionele video clips gemaakt waar jij in danst.



Prachtige videclips welke wereld wijd worden vertoond en wellicht verkozen worden als officiele soundtrack van verschillende platenlabels, professionele begeleiding en daarmee een geweldige dans ervaring.



Dansers moeten behalve een solo voorbereiden van maximaal 2 minuten, waarin de sterke kwaliteiten en dansstijl(en) goed naar voren komen, ook een korte dans les doen om jouw niveau te bepalen waarin je geplaatst zal worden.



De audities vinden plaats vanaf woensdag middag 15 januari in Delft. Aanmelden kan per mail KODANCECOMPANY@GMAIL.COM of vermeld je naam, leeftijd, aantal jaren danservaring.

Let op beginners zijn ook welkom wij hebben voor hen een aparte groep met bijbehorende training en rollen in gedachten.

Zouk Zensation Toronto Canada 7th July 2013

Imagine being able to create magic on the dance floor with dancers from any level or background and make them feel great, without prior formal training.


Discover the SEVEN SECRETS on how to become a great dancer A proven system for creating a magical dance that allows you to make your dance imagination come to life (NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED) Hundreds of dancers around the world have already improved their dance with the principles and techniques that you will learn during the Zouk ZENsation event.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect.

- Intensify the connection with your dance partner

- How to use use music as a leverage instead of luggage

- Discover the tips and tricks from the pro’s

- Unique tools that can get you from Good to Great

- How to bring your own creativity in your dance

- Techniques that will make you the most wanted partner on the dance floor [youtube][/youtube]


Zouk ZENsation is a feature rich Zensational one full day program, starting with a Zensational 3 hour workshop by Kwok Wan.

After that there will be a display of the first full feature documentary film about Zouk, called "Dance of Love". (winner of the California Film Awards)

In the evening there will be a party with auditive and visual stimuli guided by Master Kwok in order to create an atmosphere that is conducive for "the Zouk magic” to happen, the feeling that makes Zouk such a great dance.

Visitors will be able to experience Zouk, not just in a physical, or emotional, but also in a bit of spiritual way.


Program :

13:00 pm till 13:30 pm    Guest teachers ( names to be announced )

13:30 pm till 16:30 pm    Zouk Zensation workshop by Kwok One & team

16:30 pm till 10:00 pm   California Film Award winning documentary movie "The Dance of Love"

20:00 pm till late am      Zouk Zensation party with DJ Darius & Team

Make sure to reserve your places because ZoukZensation events sells out fast as do most fantastic events

(No prior experience needed, all partner dance styles from BEGINNERS to advance are welcome) ENROLL NOW


Discover the 7 secrets to outdance professional theatre dancers @ the Good 2 Great program sunday 30 june @ the "Interfusion Danse Congres"

The Kwok One dance company have organized another inspirational event in collaboration with Montreal Interfusion danse congress.

The 1st "Interfusion Danse congres" shall finish their weekend with a special " Good 2 Great " workshop by Kwok One and his team.
We are looking forward in welcoming you all. This workshop is suitable for ALL LEVELS, from absolute beginners to advanced.
No prior experience needed!

A 3 hour workshop jam packed with tips tricks and excercizes that will inspire you on how to tap into your maximum potential.


Date :        Sunday 30th June 2013

Time :       12:30 PM registration, Doors will be closed 12:55 PM

13:00 PM Start event untill 16:00 PM with a short break in between.

Place :       Hotel Ruby Foo

7655 Decarie Boulevard, Montreal Quebec, Canada click for

Limited tickets available, don't miss out, enroll now @


What others had to say :


First time in Canada, make sure you reserve your places <>