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What I love about dance is whenever you gain a certain level of technique you not only master what you’re studying. you also grow in your (self)confidince towards others and most of all towards yourself.

This confidence has generated a greater quality of my life in all different kinds of aspects. For which I’m sooooo thankfull!

If you would like to experiencing what I’ve learned in my last 13 years of dancing and having a great laugh while you are @ at it, but don’t mind hard work. Join the 4 week mastery course.

Coming Soon !!!

The 4 week mastery course training will be held @ the Zensation Studio, Ampereweg 24, Delft

139 euro for the full course, single classes available must be paid in cash before the class starts.

For enrollment please use bank transfer of 139 euro for the full course. ( or cash for single seperate classes )

Kwok One Dance Company
ING: 488.2998
Add your email adress & telephone nr. 
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