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KwokOne DC,

The Kwok One Dance company is founded by Kwok Wan and a group of friends who wanted to change the current status quo in the Lambada Zouk scene.

It is now run by Kwok Wan and Wing Poon asissted by generous volunteers Wilco de Groot, Valerie Parisius, Anne Marie Bardoux, Tjerk de Vreeze, Sarah Kooij, Ingrid Bisschop, Shing Chan, Selena van Apeldoorn.

About the Company Dancers 

  • Anne May de Leijser
  • Silke Mehler
  • Sarah Kooij

About the Founder

Kwok started his carreer as a semi professional martial artist, with a vast knowledge of Ving Tsun Kung Fu among other martial arts like Karate, Taekwondo, (kick) Boxing, he started dancing Lambada Zouk 13 years ago, in 2005 he left the martial arts scene and persuaded a professional carreer in theatre dance. Studied at the school for fine arts in Amsterdam at the Jazz musical department where he learned to apply Classical ballet and Contemporary Jazz techniques into his own way of dancing.

Due to lack of physical power and height, but still wanting to find a way to create perfect harmonized way of partner dancing, Kwok had to rely on a technique that he has developed over the last 10 years which he calls the " counter energy technique ".

This technique creates a unique way of partner dancing using the basic principles and bio-mechanics of Ving Tsun Kung fu, mainly " centerline" and " use of center" principles which gives dancers the ability to synchronize, predict, or follow a partner by sheer feeling alone.

As a student he was not granted with talent by birth and most of the people in Holland are tall by nature, Kwok really had to work hard to compensate for all his "challenges". This lack of natural talent also had its benefits. Everything that comes easy, goes away easy, since Kwok had to work hard in order to obtain anything he wanted. Which makes him a teacher with not only patience and understanding but above all a clear explanation and guidance on which roads a student should take in order to grow.


Hire Kwok

Hire Kwok for one of his amazing events at your congress, company or school.

Get inspired by one of his unique life changing classes.

- Good 2 Great Masterclass program, Guaranteed improvement of your skills within a few hours

- Ultimate Mastery course, Learn the 7 secrets that enables you to outdance the Pro's

- Zouk Zensation weekend program, "Ultimate journey through your innerspace".   Experience Zouk not just in a physical, or emotional, but also in a bit of spiritual way.


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zouk dance lambada class 

lambada zouk dance class 

About the company Logo

"the logo is the fusion of two letters that indicate the founder's name: K (for Kwok) and O (for One). At the same time, the resulting intertwined symbol is a representation of a dancing couple united in an embrace, when viewed from above. It is a symbol of the unity between two dancers, who together create the perfect harmony of the dance at any given moment of it, just the same as the perfect harmony of a complete circle is created by all its points."