Zouk Zensation Toronto Canada 7th July 2013

Imagine being able to create magic on the dance floor with dancers from any level or background and make them feel great, without prior formal training.


Discover the SEVEN SECRETS on how to become a great dancer A proven system for creating a magical dance that allows you to make your dance imagination come to life (NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED) Hundreds of dancers around the world have already improved their dance with the principles and techniques that you will learn during the Zouk ZENsation event.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect.

- Intensify the connection with your dance partner

- How to use use music as a leverage instead of luggage

- Discover the tips and tricks from the pro’s

- Unique tools that can get you from Good to Great

- How to bring your own creativity in your dance

- Techniques that will make you the most wanted partner on the dance floor [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5JCGF9TfsU&list=HL1370783883&feature=mh_lolz[/youtube]


Zouk ZENsation is a feature rich Zensational one full day program, starting with a Zensational 3 hour workshop by Kwok Wan.

After that there will be a display of the first full feature documentary film about Zouk, called "Dance of Love". (winner of the California Film Awards)

In the evening there will be a party with auditive and visual stimuli guided by Master Kwok in order to create an atmosphere that is conducive for "the Zouk magic” to happen, the feeling that makes Zouk such a great dance.

Visitors will be able to experience Zouk, not just in a physical, or emotional, but also in a bit of spiritual way.


Program :

13:00 pm till 13:30 pm    Guest teachers ( names to be announced )

13:30 pm till 16:30 pm    Zouk Zensation workshop by Kwok One & team

16:30 pm till 10:00 pm   California Film Award winning documentary movie "The Dance of Love"

20:00 pm till late am      Zouk Zensation party with DJ Darius & Team

Make sure to reserve your places because ZoukZensation events sells out fast as do most fantastic events

(No prior experience needed, all partner dance styles from BEGINNERS to advance are welcome) ENROLL NOW http://zoukzensation-eorg.eventbrite.com


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